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Retirement can be easy with proper solutions with your money. The average person can protect his or her family, gain wealth, and sleep well at night. Craft your future for safety.

What is an Indexed Annuity?

This increasingly popular product represents a safe, secure, flexible, tax-advantaged vehicle that many find comfortable and sound.

Contact Doug to help you decide if an Indexed Annuity is right for you:
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Indexed Annuities are similar to CDs offered by banks and credit unions. Insurance companies much like financial institutions such as banks and credit unions, offer different rates and returns. Indexed Annuity offered by Insurance Companies, grow tax deferred. Doug represents many Insurance Companies that
you may consider.

Doug Holmes
Founder and President

Advantages of Annuities:

Indexed Annuities have three primary advantages: Tax Deferred Growth, Guarantee of Principle, and Guaranteed Income (optional) for a fixed period of time, even life.

More specific reasons to consider in annuities:

  • You need to safely create wealth for your heirs without risk
  • You need tax-deferred growth
  • You need your principal and interest guaranteed
  • You need your heirs to avoid probate upon your death
  • You need an increased death benefit
  • You need stock-market linked gains without the downside risk
  • You have funds that are designated for inheritance

Sound Financial Concepts does not OFFER Variable Annuities. We do have agents with securities licenses.
We can refer you to an agent near you should you want to look into those plans.
Just let us know at 253 272-1114 or toll free at 800 473-5495.

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