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Doug Holmes
Founder and President


Doug has spent over 40 years in the insurance industry, starting in 1969 and is the founder of Sound Financial Concepts, Inc. He specializes in Life Insurance, Indexed Annuities and Life Insurance with Long Term Care benefits. Doug has many plans that offer numerous ideas for retirement comfort. Doug believes in building relationships through his personal commitment. He likes to believe that his clients will sleep well at night with the decisions they make once they have consulted with him.

Doug has been a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable multiple times, featured in Life Magazine in 1970 as one of the leaders in the insurance industry. He attributes his many life insurance recognitions to the fact that he puts the client first and lets the rest fall into place.

  Trish (Patricia) Holmes spent over forty five years in the financial industry working for Household Finance Company for 8 years and then the past 36 years working in Credit Unions in California, Olympia and Tacoma, retiring from BN West Credit Union/Milepost in 2009.

Trish is a Certified Consumer Credit Executive (CCCE) having certification to assist in finding solutions to money woes.

One of the many things Trish is able to do is to offer encouragement when all avenues look bleak.

Trish Holmes
Trish Holmes

Doug's insightful solutions have been of benefit to clients looking forward to their retirement and those already retired. Doug looks to Life Insurance products and Indexed Annuities that provide safety of principal, provide tax deferred growth and assist with estate planning. Doug enjoys working with people and feels that everyone should have the ability to create and define their own future.

Doug's insightful solutions and guidance have helped many people over the years. Doug believes products that provide Safety of Principal and provide tax deferred growth take the pressure off his clients who prefer safety versus risk. Doug also refers to many estate planning attorneys in areas close to his clients for those wishing legal advice. Another benefit that Sound Financial Concepts reviews with clients is the newer type of Life Insurance product that offers the benefit of Long Term Care without the risk of traditional Long Term Care which is: Use it or lose it. With the newer products, the client is covered with a life insurance and the optional long-term care rider. This is proving to be a smart alternative to self-insuring. There are several companies to choose from to customize for each client. This allows clients to face the future with confidence


Trish's life time and work experiences allow her to share her wisdom in many areas of helping clients to live a life without financial pain.

Trish brings experience in estate planning and guidance to those who are experiencing what to do when a loved one passes away. Trish has been successful in helping those create a healthy financial life. Her expertise adds to the services of Sound Financial Concepts.

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